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Major Dana L. Ruggieri is the Squadron Commander of the Air Victory Museum Composite Squadron, New Jersey Wing, Civil Air Patrol, in Lumberton, NJ. In this role, Maj Ruggeri looks to provide the best program to both the Squadron’s Cadets and Senior Members, this includes working the CAP missions into the weekly meetings. She is also responsible for the compliance of all members within the unit, and for achieving the goals and requirements of higher headquarters. Major Ruggieri also recognizes all member achievements and awards her members accordingly and solves all problems that may arise within the unit. Her priority as the Commander is to continue the strong legacy, and to keep the squadron on a path of growth and continued success. She looks to keep the program safe, and fun for the cadets and senior members alike. She is responsible for the strategic goals of the Squadron, this includes, insuring that the cadets are getting the program that they deserve, and are growing into successful young adults, no matter what their future career and educational goals are. She makes sure that the senior members are being trained and developed to be both educators and leaders in CAP, and work to provide training for all members in Emergency Services to be prepared to answer the needs of the community. Major Ruggieri joined CAP in 2014 as a new senior member, when her son joined the program as a cadet and worked her way through the program in Aerospace Education and is now a Master Rated Aerospace Education Officer. After going into the Cadet Program, she quickly became the Deputy Commander for Cadets, after being the Deputy Commander of Cadets for over a year, the Commander moved her into the role of Deputy Commander for Seniors with the anticipation that she would be selected to succeed her as the new Squadron Commander the following Spring. Maj Ruggieri was appointed Commander in March of 2018 and has been serving her Squadron successfully ever since. 

With the announcement of a new Professional Development Program coming in August 2020, Major Ruggieri moved into action to offer as many virtual training opportunities as possible to make the most of the virtual environment brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with other CAP Senior members Major Ruggieri worked to offer 3 SLS courses, 2 CLC, 1 TLC throughout the summer leading up to August 2020. This resulted in over 150 members from 4
Regions, and 11 Wings to receive this training up until the deadline. After the completion of these courses Major Ruggieri supported the Northeast Region to offer both virtual Training Leaders of Cadets Basic and Trainings Leaders of Cadets Intermediate which provided training for another 150 members across the Nation. After the planning of these courses Major Ruggieri and other leaders were approached by the NJWG Director of Aerospace Education to discuss the possibility of designing and running both an Aerospace Education Technician in a Day and Senior in a Day Workshops. These courses lead to members from several different Wings, over 3 Regions earning new ratings successfully to include the Director of Aerospace Education for the Washington Wing.
Maj Ruggieri currently serves as a fully approved Volunteer University instructor for levels 1-3. She is currently an instructor of a 25-member level 3 cohort with the sole responsibility of mentoring and overseeing the course progression for 5 of those members. Maj Ruggieri is the advisor to the Commander of Jack Schweiker Composite Squadron’s design and roll out of their hybrid model for the New Level 1 program.

1990 High School Diploma, Cinnaminson High School, Cinnaminson, NJ
1992 Associates of Science, Camden County Community College, Blackwood, NJ
1996 Bachelors of Science, Health and Exercise Science, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ
2010 Masters in Educational Leadership, Delaware Valley University, Doylestown, PA

1. January 2015 - December 2018, Logistics Officer, Air Victory Museum Composite Squadron, Lumberton, NJ
2. January 2016 – Present, Aerospace Education Officer, Air Victory Museum Composite Squadron, Lumberton, NJ
3. June 2016 – Aug 2017, Deputy Commander for Cadets, Air Victory Museum Composite Squadron, Lumberton, NJ
4. August 2017 - April 2018, Deputy Commander for Seniors, Air Victory Museum Composite Squadron, Lumberton, NJ
5. March 2018 - Present, Squadron Commander, Air Victory Museum Composite Squadron, Lumberton, NJ
6. April 2018 – Present, Recruiting & Retention Officer, Air Victory Museum Composite Squadron, Lumberton, NJ
7. July 2020 – Present, Testing Officer, New Jersey Wing, JBMDL, NJ
8. July 2020 – Present, Assistant Director of Professional Development, New Jersey Wing, JBMDL, NJ
9. August 2020 – Present, Volunteer University, Full Instructor, Levels 1-3

Air Force Organizational Excellence Award
Commanders Commendation Award (Region)
Commanders Commendation Award (Wing)
CAP Achievement Award
NJWG Senior of the Year, 2015
Paul Garber Award
Grover Loening Award
Benjamin O’Davis Award
Membership Award
A. Scott Crossfield Award
Charles E. Yeager Aerospace Award
Disaster Relief with “V” device
Command Service
Red Service Ribbon
Unit Citation Award
Aerospace Education – Master Rating
Cadet Programs – Maser Rating
Command – Senior Rating
Recruiting and Retention – Senior Rating
Professional Development – Technician Rating
Logistics – Technician Rating

Senior Member 29 May 2014
Second Lieutenant 18 JAN 2015
Captain 18 JUL 2016
Major 20 JUL 2020
(Current as of February 2021)

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